Deuteration for Neutron Scattering – DEUNET Workshop: Thanks for an Insightful and Inspiring Meeting!

From Monday 15th-Wednesday 17th May, the Deuteration for Neutron Scattering – DEUNET Workshop was held in Oxford, England, organised jointly by the STFC Deuteration Facility and the European Deuteration Network (DEUNET).

Prominent researchers working in the fields of lipids and membranes, energy materials, surfactants, polymers, protein structure and function, colloids, and other small molecules, presented their research which has exploited the power of the tandem techniques of deuterium-labelling and neutron scattering. The programme demonstrated the impact that deuterium labelling has on neutron science, and the ways in which this leads to high-impact science. Each of the facilities involved in the European Deuteration Network presented the current capabilities of their laboratories, in addition to projects and development being undertaken. It was very enjoyable to host delegates from other facilities around the world who work in the field of deuteration, such as J-PARC (Japan) and ORNL (USA), and to hear about the work undertaken in their laboratories.

There was a great deal of opportunity for delegates to interact outside of the presentations, during discussion sessions, a poster session, and within meal and coffee breaks. An advisory board was appointed for the DEUNET, comprised of Trevor Forsyth (ILL), Jian Lu (University of Manchester), Thomas Hellweg (Bielefeld University) and Peter Holden (ANSTO). We trust that they will succeed in providing the network with invaluable advice and insight.

We hope to hold the next STFC – DEUNET Deuteration for Neutron Scattering workshop in late 2018. Further information will be provided at as it becomes available.

Thanks to all those involved in the workshop for a productive and inspiring meeting!

17EC1836_DEUNET Workshop

The delegates of the Deuteration for Neutron Scattering – DEUNET Workshop held in Oxford, 15-17th May 2017.

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