J-PARC Deuterated Materials Workshop

J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex) last month held a workshop entitled “Deuterated Materials Enhancing Neutron Science for Structure Function Applications”, at the Ibaraki Quantum Beam Research Centre, Tokai, Japan. There were over 60 participants in the workshop, which was held over two days. J‑PARC have recently established on-site laboratories dedicated to chemical and biological deuteration and the aim of the workshop was to discuss how to activate deuteration science at J‑PARC.

JPARC workshop
The delegates of the “Deuterated Materials Enhancing Neutron Science for Structure Function Applications” workshop held at J-PARC in October 2017.

Three plenary speakers outlined the current status of other deuteration laboratories around the world. Dr Tamim Darwish and Dr Anthony Duff from ANSTO described the chemical and biological deuteration laboratories at the National Deuteration Facility, ANSTO, which have been functioning well as user laboratories for several years. Dr Anna Leung presented the research at the newly-established DEULAB at ESS, and also acted as a representative for the other members of the DEUNET (the laboratories at ISIS, ILL and FZJ). Professor Sajiki from Gifu Pharmaceutical University provided the fourth plenary session. Professor Sajiki has worked in the field of deuteration science for many years, and presented some of his recent results in the field.

Ten invited talks provided an excellent overview of the current research involving deuterated materials in Japan, and initiated excellent discussion about the future of deuterated materials research, and where more effort should be focussed to produce high-impact research. The meeting concluded that a deuteration community ought to be organised in Japan to leverage the advantages of collaborative research. Furthermore, this community ought to continue to interact with deuteration laboratories across the world. In addition to the existing collaboration between J‑PARC and the chemical deuteration laboratory at ANSTO, J‑PARC has joined the European chemical deuteration network (DEUNET) as an observer member, a development which is certain to benefit both deuteration communities and their users.

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