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DEUNET is the international deuteration network of Deuteration Facilities and laboratories world-wide.  DEUNET aims to increase the availability of deuterium labelled materials to neutron scattering and other research communities by promoting collaboration between deuteration laboratories, development of new methods and by increasing the visibility of its members towards the end users, neutron science facilities and funding bodies alike. The network also facilitates sharing and development of the unique specializations of each of the laboratories through annual meetings as well as user workshops organized by the members.

If you are interested in deuteration, in our meetings, or have a specific deuteration request to discuss, please contact us here.

The establishment of the Deuteration Network was funded by the EU under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, via the SINE2020 (Science and Innovation with Neutrons in Europe in 2020, E.C. grant no. 65400) project. The SINE2020 project aimed to prepare Europe for the opportunities presented by the ESS, and to facilitate innovation at Large Scale Neutron Facilities. Read more about SINE2020 here.

The European member facilities of DEUNET are members in the League of Advanced Neutron Sources (LENS) and also participate in the Horizon 2020 Project BrightnESS2 (E.C. grant no. 823867).